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As companies become aware of our services, the list of industries we serve grows.
We work to gain insight into each industry’s customer experience so we can help craft the right rewards programs for customers and businesses.

  • Agencies


    Agencies use PMC for white label loyalty program management; they design the marketing programs, trade advertising and social media strategy. PMC makes marketing agencies look good to their clients by delivering the rewards program or social media promotion offering to customers.
  • Agriculture


    Agriculture and agribusinesses value the brand loyalty of their supporting farmers and businesses. These programs often offer significant rebate rewards, so this industry likes PMC’s ability to protect these successful customer loyalty programs with accurate rebate processing.
  • Alcoholic beverage

    Alcoholic beverage

    Alcoholic beverage companies marketing beer, wine and spirits hire PMC to process their coupons and rebates. Promotion laws differ by state for alcoholic beverages so these marketers depend on PMC to monitor the legal environment and keep their promotions compliant everywhere, especially their sweepstakes and contests.
  • Animal care

    Animal care

    Animal care companies hire PMC to process customer rebates and channel rewards. Coordinated with a new product press release, this industry often runs engagement marketing programs and asks PMC to ship product samples and promotional products.
  • Appliances


    Appliance manufacturers hire PMC to build online rebate and mobile rewards sites so customers can apply at point of purchase. Because the customer incentive is often high, PMC makes available Visa or Mastercard prepaid debit cards branded for the manufacturer with images of the appliance products.
  • Automotive


    Automotive companies like PMC’s focus on building brand loyalty through an excellent customer experience, such as Mobile Snap. Their customers send receipts directly to our online rebate tools from their smart phones. For automotive service companies offering rebates as loyalty program rewards, PMC sends prepaid debit cards branded for the automotive company.
  • Building


    Building and construction products suppliers like PMC’s flexibility to handle their channel incentives to customers, resellers and the trade. These channel loyalty programs include both one-time and ongoing rebates where we use reloadable prepaid cards to pay high-value rewards for trade promotions.
  • Electronics


    Consumer electronics and software companies were the first to embrace PMC’s online rewards programs and websites that improve the customer experience through online rebates, status and analytics. They like PMC’s online marketing rebates with web-services that validate eligibility in real time.
  • Consumer goods

    Consumer goods

    Consumer packaged goods (CPG) companies have used PMC’s fulfillment services longer than any industry; they offer a variety of incentives such as rebates, promotional products, gift cards, loyalty cards, employee rewards and sweepstakes entries.
  • Health care

    Health care

    Health care and pharmaceutical marketers like PMC’s services and our ability to handle the protected health information of their customers securely.
  • Non-profit


    Non-profit organizations and other grantees appreciate PMC’s ability to validate income and expense for each household member applying for an assistance program. Our Mobile Snap technology allows customers to upload important supporting documents quickly and securely from a smartphone.
  • Retail & Ecommerce

    Retail & Ecommerce

    Retail and ecommerce merchants use PMC’s online tools to offer mobile direct marketing rebates. Customers use smartphones to request rebates without mailing anything; customers just text us the receipt and we handle validation. For a quick and completely digital customer experience, we can respond via text with virtual retail gift cards and prepaid debit cards.
  • Sporting goods

    Sporting goods

    Sporting goods companies have built loyal customers. As part of their loyalty marketing programs, they ask PMC to fulfill rebates, sweepstakes and branded promotional merchandise.
  • Utilities


    Utilities like our 5-day processing time, achieved with systems that automate validation of customers, reservations, contractors, retailers and qualified lists of products and appliances such as ENERGY STAR, CEE, and AHRI. Utilities’ implementation contractors appreciate PMC’s online and mobile tools that drive greater customer engagement for downstream, midstream and upstream incentives.
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PMC receives a request from a customer or business.


PMC validates the request.


PMC fulfills and reports the item requested.