• Fulfillment

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Our clients and their programs determine the items we fulfill.
Every day, we send customer rebates, loyalty incentives and branded products.

  • Loyalty

    Agencies use PMC for white label loyalty program management; they design the marketing programs, trade advertising and social media strategy. PMC makes marketing agencies look good to their clients by delivering the rewards program or social media promotion offering to customers. Request More Information

  • Online & Mobile

    Online and mobile promotions are PMC’s specialties. Our proprietary mobile platform, Mobile Snap, transforms the customer experience by allowing customers to text images, such as receipts, to enter a rewards program. PMC removes the hassle of mail-in rebates and leaves just the best of mobile marketing. Request More Information

  • Rebates

    Rebate processing takes place in 5 days. We mail incentive payments using traditional checks, prepaid debit cards and retailer gift cards. For a digital customer experience, our payment options include virtual prepaid cards, Paypal and Google Wallet. Request More Information

  • Rewards

    Business and channel rewards programs require PMC to send inventory, product samples and channel incentives to the businesses and resellers that form your customer channels. PMC stores products in a climate-controlled warehouse, provides inventory tracking services and website reporting in real time. Request More Information

  • Sweepstakes & Contests

    Sweepstakes and contests are proven to build and engage your customer base, especially when coupled with social media. But, you must run a legal sweepstakes. We are skilled in sweepstakes management, handling surety bonds, state registrations, affidavits, liability releases, rules and social media in compliance with sweepstakes law.
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  • Coupons

    Coupon processing takes place with PMC acting as an agent for manufacturers and retailers and as a coupon clearinghouse for retailers. PMC also processes printed and digital coupons presented at checkout on a smartphone; these coupons blur the lines between typical coupon redemption services and customer loyalty cards because PMC can report each customer’s purchase habits. Request More Information

  • Customer Care

    Customer care surrounds every program we fulfill. Our call center is under our own roof delivering strong service levels and sophisticated solutions, such as 100% call recording. Our agents support customers with knowledgeable answers about promotion rules, submission status and instructions for customers who need to fix a mistake quickly.
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  • E-Commerce

    PMC helps our clients sell more with engaging ecommerce sites. With our in-house design resources, technological expertise, and flexible platform, we will develop your online store and help you drive sales. You will impress your customers with a professional site that incorporates responsive web design, integrated payment options, and online inventory management all while ensuring transaction and users’ security. With PMC we ensure timely and efficient fulfillment of your orders with our onsite warehousing, inventory management, pick and pack service, trackable shipping, and return processing. Request More Information

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PMC receives a request from a customer or business.


PMC validates the request.


PMC fulfills and reports the item requested.